Aid Helps Put on Socks and Stockings

No bending or discomfort to put on socks
No bending or discomfort to put on socks if you use the Deluxe Sock Aid

Putting on a pair of socks or light compression stockings can be a huge problem for persons recovering from hip or knee surgery.  It is difficult and uncomfortable to bend to reach the foot and frequently bending is not even allowed during the recovery and rehabilitation period.   There are a number of solutions to this problem but one simple design that has been proven over the years to work best for most people is the Ableware Deluxe Flexible Sock Aid.  This successful design has been copied but the original has undergone subtle changes that continue make it a better value than the imitators.

It’s ease of use and durability are the primary reasons customers recommend it.  To use it, a sock is rolled onto the flexible  and lightweight shell which then holds the sock open while forming a smooth channel that will guide the foot and heel into the sock.  While holding onto the long strap handles, swing or toss the aid with sock out to the foot, no need to bend, stretch or reach for the foot to put on a sock.  The sock is held on the aid with the help of a terry cloth outer cover that naturally grips the sock until it is being fitted onto the foot.  Once the toes are into the sock, simply pull the strap handles to unroll the sock onto the foot, around the ankle and up the leg.  Persons with one hand should modify the pull straps by tying them together to make a large loop.  The sock can be placed on the aid while it is held between the knees.  To see the Deluxe Sock Aid click on this link Sock Aid

For those persons who struggle to put on medium compression stockings, the manufacturer Maddak has developed the Compression Stocking Aid.  The following link will take you to an article about this very helpful product Compression Sock Help, Finally

The web site, features this product and many other helpful Aids For Daily Living including other items to help when dressing.  If putting on socks is a difficult, shoes are probably also a problem.  Take a look at this clever solution that updates your own shoes so  they are much easier to put on.  Elastic Shoe Laces for Shoe Conversion


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  1. 1 Struggling To Put On (or Don) Compression Stockings or Hose « Care4seniors’s Blog Trackback on July 1, 2009 at 1:25 pm

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