Tenura, New Gripping Material for Everyday Tasks

Sliding plates or cups can be a challenge for people with hand motion control limitations or injury.  One solution is to select dinner or drinkware that has some manner of  an anti slip base.   A more elegant solution is to try one of the many new Tenura  non slip mats under your existing dinner or drinkware.  This is a new product from Maddak, an American manufacturer of Aids for Independence and avaiable from CareGiversCloset, a Maddak distributor.

Place a mat on a table or tray and neither the mat nor the items placed on it will slide away if accidentally bumped or pushed.  A tray on a walker or wheelchair can now safely be used to carry light dinner ware with far less chance of a mishap.

Tenura is a soft silicone mat with natural anti-slip properties.   It is non-toxic for safe use anywhere in the home, is heat resistant to 482F and wipes clean .    Unlike other non slip mats, Tenura  does not contain phthalate plasticizers which are banned or restricted in Europe and parts of the USA.   Tenura non slip mats are new in the United States but have been popular in the United Kingdom for many years. Mats are available in a variety of shapes, sizes and bright colors.    You’ll find that a colorful mat on a counter or dresser creates an obvious visual reminder of the location where frequently used items such as keys & cell phone can be “stored”.

Click to view the Tenura Jar / Bottle OpenerThere’s  special Tenura jar and bottle openers that dramatically increase your grip on a lid and container.   We’ve found that a jar can even be opened with just one hand….place the jar on any Tenura Mat or Coaster and press down and turn the lid with the cone shaped Tenura Opener…..we even discovered that that it isn’t necessary to grip the Tenura Opener; just press down firmly with the palm and rotate.

Click to see Tenura Strip that adds grip

A Tenura Strip adds a comfort grip to many items and tools.  Wrap a length of Tenura non slip strip around the handle of a pan to add extra grip  and a heat shield to frequently used cookware.  Add a  strip to knife or spatula handles to improve your grip and comfort.   A wrapped hammer or screwdriver handle is more comfortable in the hand and easier to control.


Swine Flu, H1N1 and Developmental Disablities

News reports indicate that about 500 persons have died in the US after contracting the H1N1 flu or Swine Flu.  It is particularly troubling to learn that, of the approximately 115 children who have died, 2/3 had underlying health problems including chronic illness or developmental disability such as muscular dystrophy, cerebral palsy or development delay.  Children and persons with these underlying problems have a higher priority to receive the flu vaccine and are urged to consider vaccination. 

Of course, any person who shows signs of fever or other flu symptoms should promptly see their physician to be properly checked for this particularly dangerous flu.  Treatment within 48 hours or two days of showing flu symptoms can hasten full and fast recovery.

There are plenty of news articles and information about Swine flu or H1N1 flu including a website established by the government to keep citizens updated,  http://www.flu.gov/    This site includes a section specifically for caregivers, http://www.flu.gov/individualfamily/caregivers/index.html

 Please take extra care to protect yourself and loved ones during this flu  season.

Kitchen Safety for Seniors, Helpful Kitchen Aids

For many, cooking is almost therapeutic; mentally reviewing the steps and anticipating the final result, preparing any ingredients, and then actually cooking and assembling the dish.  Cooking for yourself and others helps bring people together while demonstrating independence and safety awareness.  Unfortunately persons with a disability or weakness from illness or injury can be somewhat frustrated when cooking and not enjoy this everyday activity.

 Efficient kitchen layout and adequate work space make a really big positive difference when cooking by increasing safety and reducing the amount of travel between the primary kitchen zones; refrigerator, stove, sink and preparation surface.  Ideally a triangle is framed by the appliances and sink with a counter surface (perhaps with cutting board) near the sink and stove.

 Aside from quality cookware with even heat  distribution and cool touch handles, knives that hold a fine, sharp edge and kitchen utensils with easy to grasp, heat resistant handles, there’s a few simple and inexpensive items that can make many tasks easier and safer.

 Burns are a common and avoidable kitchen injury that frequently occur because of haste.  The Hot Hand™ Hand Protector and Jar Opener slips instantly over finger tips and thumb to cover the entire palm with a silicone heat resistant cover that, unlike cloth pot holders, creates a non-slip grip.  The natural gripping feature also allows it to work very well to loosen screw lids on jars and bottles. 

Hot Hand Hand Protector and Jar Opener

Hot Hand Hand Protector and Jar Opener

Here is additional information http://www.care4u.com/753590000.html


After years of use, some stove knobs become difficult to turn and temperatures become difficult to control, especially for persons with arthritis.  The Turning Knob Operator can be used on virtually all dial type stove knobs to easily rotate the knob to set the desired temperature.  To use it, just press it over the knob and turn; it automatically “grasps” the raised part of the knob without slipping or scratching.   The Knob Turner also works well on many faucets.

Stove Knob Turner

Stove Knob Turner

To learn more, http://www.care4u.com/753100001.html


Keeping pots and pans in place on a burner while stirring or sautéing can be challenging if one hand is weak.  The pot and pan holder is a simple to use device that captures the handle between two posts to stop the cookware from turning and sliding.  Suction cups hold it in place without damaging the stove and allow it to be relocated as needed.  On most stoves, more than one pot and pan holder can be used at the same time. 

Stovetop Pot and Pan Holder

Stovetop Pot and Pan Holder


To View more information, http://www.care4u.com/753430000.html

 The small plug ends on the power cords on kitchen appliances such as coffee makers, food processors and toasters can be difficult to grasp and hard to push into and pull out of outlets.  By adding a Plug Puller to the most frequently used appliances, they’ll be simpler to plug in and easier to unplug, reducing the hazard of an appliance that remains plugged in and overheats. 

Power Cord Plug Gripper

Power Cord Plug Gripper

Here is a link for more information http://www.care4u.com/plugpuller.html


We hope these easy to use products will give you ideas on how to help maintain or bring back the pleasure of cooking.  Bon appetit!

Alzheimer’s Disease Avoidance, Healthy Diet and Regular Exercise

It started with your parents, then you heard it from all the news outlets  and then your doctor…. all have been telling you to eat healthy and exercise regularly to maintain good health and a positive outlook.  It seems that there’s now another good reason to follow this advice; a study of patients  revealed that those who had elevated cholesterol levels in their 40’s had a 50% greater risk of developing Alzheimer’s Disease in their 60’s and beyond.  A great summary of this study and Alzheimer’s research to date is available in this article in a recent edition of the Los Angeles Times,  http://www.latimes.com/features/health/la-he-closer17-2009aug17,0,2419159.story

Alzheimer’s disease is generally considered by researchers to be the result of a life long progression of factors, (some of which are controllable), that eventually results in disease onset later in life.   While research is ongoing to better understand the disease, there are no cures for this condition, only treatments that attempt to prevent or delay onset.  Fortunately an effective “vaccine” to guard against the potentially damaging effect of cholesterol, one of the controllable factors, is inexpensive, immediately available without a prescription and may have many other beneficial side effects.  

“Eat well, exercise regularly, repeat”

For many, the primary change will be an increased focus on the fresh produce aisles in the grocery store or healthy menu choices at their favorite restaurants combined with more walking and moderate exercise.  There are lots of sources of free information on the Internet about healthy eating.  Check with your physician before increasing aerobic level exercises which should also be included as there appears to be a correlation between heart and brain health.

Update, August 24, 2009…….another study just released in the Journal of the American Medical Association, August 12,  http://jama.ama-assn.org/cgi/content/abstract/302/6/627  adds more science to your parent’s and doctor’s advice about the benefits of eating well and exercising.  This study found that a combined Mediterranean style diet AND exercise were associated with an even greater preventative effect of reducing the chance of developing Alzheimer’s disease in seniors than either of these two activities alone.

For person living with or caring for someone with Alzheimer’s disease, there are a number of specialty products available from Care4U.com to help people in their every day act ivies.  For dining aids, check this listing http://www.care4u.com/eatingdrinking.html.  For ideas on products for leisure time,   http://www.care4u.com/handaids.html and http://www.care4u.com/reading.html.

Regardless of age and history, the common sense  advice “eat well, exercise regularly, repeat” continues to apply to all of us with benefits to yourself and all those around you.

Bathroom Safety for Seniors, Raised Toilet Seats, Bath Seats

Elevated Toilet Seat for Safer Bathroom

Elevated Toilet Seat for Safer Bathroom

Transfer Bench for Safer Showers
Transfer Bench for Safer Showers

Bathrooms are statistically the most likely room in the home where a senior will have an accident or injury, particularly a fall.  Many of these falls are attributed to using the bath or shower, others to the toilet. Improving safety in this room will give everyone more peace of mind and help seniors maintain independence.

Start with simple and inexpensive changes that are instant safety improvements such as brighter light bulbs (if the fixtures are rated for higher wattage bulbs) and adding an inexpensive night light.  Many cordless phones have an independent  handset that could be mounted on an accessible wall.  Floors must  be kept clear of tripping hazards and shelves and counters cleared of all but absolutely necessary items to reduce the chance of dropped items which leads to bending and falling.  Frequently used items including first aid products should be easy to retrieve without extra reaching and bending.

There are a large variety of hand hold bars and non slip products that are easy to use and  sure to reduce the possibility of injuries.  Using a towel bar or shelf for support is likely to contribute to an accident.  Products such as permanently mounted grab bars and hand holds require secure mounting/installation to walls in the proper location for maximum benefit but this is a relatively simple home improvement project for a do it yourselfer.  Try searching the internet using the keywords “grab bar” to quickly find many online sellers of a variety of styles to match most decors.  You will also find information about where to place them for maximum benefit and safety.   If the bath or shower enclosure can accommodate it,  a simpler choice might be to select two or three high quality suction mounted handles that will adhere to very smooth wall and tub surfaces (pay very close attention to mounting instructions).   Try searching using the keywords “suction grab bar”  or visit a local home improvement center, hardware store or even large pharmacy for any of these products.   Adding a non slip bath mat or adhesive non slip strips in the tub or shower  (available in most department stores or large pharmacies) are quick and inexpensive ways to reduce possible slipping without dramatically altering the appearance of the bath.

Getting into, out of and using a bathtub/shower enclosure is much safer for many people if they use a transfer bench and handheld shower.  Using a bench greatly reduces the unsteadiness and tripping potential of stepping over the tub edge and allows a seated position during bathing which reduces the chance of slipping.  To use this simple and safe bench,  a person sits on the end of the bench outside the tub, slides themselves over the tub edge  and into the bathtub/shower enclosure, all the time remaining seated.   Here is a very good example of a bench that is height adjustable and supports up to 300 lbs. http://www.care4u.com/727142500.html

To improve safety when using the toilet, an easy to install elevated toilet seat (add as little as  2-3 inches to the height of the toilet seat) reduces strain, discomfort and possible balance issues when sitting or standing.   These are examples of some of the many elevated seats available, you’ll see that some even include handles, http://www.care4u.com/725600050.html , http://www.care4u.com/725690050.html , http://www.care4u.com/725753110.html and http://www.care4u.com/725710000.html

Take some time to assess the safety needs of any seniors and schedule some time to eliminate the easy to change hazards as soon as possible.

If you have questions about any of the suggestions offered please don’t hesitate to call 877.538.6568 or post a comment

No More Shoe Laces, Easy On Shoes


Wear Ease® Shoe Fasteners

Wear Ease® Shoe Fasteners http://www.care4u.com/73817.html


With injury, a medical condition or age, shoe laces can become a challenge to tie and then untie.  For children, this problem has already been addressed with hook and loop strap closures that are safe and work every time.  Adults may now see some examples of this style of shoe but there aren’t many to select from and they’ll not be as comfortable as that favorite pair of laced shoes, sneakers or boots.. There is now an easy way to continue wearing your existing lace up style footwear by converting them to easy to use hook-and-loop closures using Wear Ease® Shoe Fasteners.  http://www.care4u.com/73817.html  They are available in black, white, brown and tan so there’s a color to complement or match most shoes.   Each strap has  a D-ring on the end for gripping with the hand or manipulating with a dressing aid.   For persons with edema, they’ll appreciate being able to quickly adjust the shoe fit for comfort over the course of the day.   Wear Ease® Shoe Fasteners may also be a great temporary help during recovery from back, hand or joint injury.

If you are aware of other products that might help anyone who has trouble with shoe laces, please help by posting a comment.

Diabetic Foot Care, Ulcers, Peripheral Neuropathy

Lotion Applicator easily reaches feet and legs

Lotion Applicator easily reaches feet and legs

Maddawash Terry Soap Mitt, gentle and thorough cleaning
Maddawash Terry Soap Mitt, gentle and thorough cleaning  http://care4u-store.stores.yahoo.net/741320002.html
Remote Toenail Clipper, reduces bending discomfort
Remote Toenail Clipper, reduces bending discomfort  http://care4u-store.stores.yahoo.net/741390000.html

Diabetes is a growing problem in America with over 700,000 new cases diagnosed each year.  The total number of people with this condition exceeds 15 million or about 5% of the total US population.  One of the many serious related problems seen in diabetic patients and the most common cause for hospital admission is foot complications.  This frequently results from a degradation of nerves in the foot in leg (peripheral neuropathy) and changes in blood vessels.  Both conditions can combine to create a condition whereby a small injury to the foot can go un-noticed (nerves don’t sense pain or discomfort) and un-healed (blood vessels don’t deliver adequate blood supply to nourish cells) resulting in ulcers.  This is one of many excellent and detailed sources of information about this condition http://www.aafp.org/afp/980315ap/armstron.html  and many more are easily found using the search terms “diabetic foot disease”

Daily gentle cleaning and examination of the feet are a key component to maintaining proper foot health and preventing serious health issues.   Foot cleaning should include complete drying and application of skin cream to prevent dry and cracked skin, a common initial cause of foot issues.  Toenail care is also important to prevent ingrown or cracked nails.  Products to help with these steps of this this vital care regimen can be viewed at http://care4u-store.stores.yahoo.net/grooming.html

If you or a loved one has diabetes or is at risk for it,  please take the time to learn as much as you can about this condition that can, with sometimes only slight lifestyle changes, be managed.