Struggling To Put On (or Don) Compression Stockings or Hose

Reduces the struggle to put on compression stockings
Reduces the struggle to put on compression stockings

Peripheral edema or swelling of the legs can be caused by numerous factors that a physician can investigate.

Edema describes fluid leaks into tissue from small blood vessels called capillaries.   The body reacts to fluid loss by causing the kidneys to retain water and salt.  The body now has more fluid which in turn can cause more leaking from the capillaries.
For a much more detailed presentation of this condition including causes, symptoms and treatments, follow this link to an in-depth but easy to read article
Peripheral edema in the legs is a common occurrence that may be treated with drug therapy or with compression stockings prescribed by a physician.  These specialized stockings are designed to apply a greater compressive force near the ankles and reduced compression further up the leg.  Proper sizing, selection of compressive force, (light, medium or high) and fitting is essential to achieve the best results.  Many home health and surgical supply stores have qualified fitters on staff to help.
Because compression stockings are made to fit quite tightly, donning, or putting them on is frequently a time consuming struggle for elderly or disabled patients, even with help from a caregiver.  Difficulty donning these stockings should not become a reason to avoid wearing them.  Fortunately, there are aids available to help don these stockings. including wire frames and rubberized gripping gloves.  A newer product that is intuitive to use is the Heel Guide Compression Stocking Aid which works with most stockings up to medium compression.  A wide channel stretches the stocking open to accept the foot and then lays or unrolls the stocking along the leg up to the knee.   Long handles dramatically reduce the amount of bending needed to reach to the foot and make it easier for the patient and caregiver to pull the stocking up the leg.  For additional information, click on this link to visit a web store, CareGiversCloset
If you are also having trouble putting on regular socks or light compression stocking, an easy to use Deluxe Sock Aid may be a great solution.  This link will take you to a related article about this product Sock Aid to Help with Socks
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