Independent Eating, Self Feeding Dining Aids

Scooper Bowl stays put and helps guide food onto fork or spoon

Scooper Bowl stays put and helps guide food onto fork or spoon

Meals and dining are a universal opportunity for sharing and spending time with others, an  important activity that promotes health and wellness.  Preparing and enjoying food at your own pace is part of that pleasure.  While preparing a complete meal may be difficult for many seniors because of disability or illness, the pleasure of dining independently, without help can still be enjoyed, sometimes with just a little help from adaptive products.

For people with reduced muscle control or partial paralysis, a plate or bowl that doesn’t slide on the table can help reduce spills and the frustration of  a moving plate.   There are a number of plates or bowls that might help including the Scooper Plate and Scooper Bowl, both with suction anti-slip base.  Try these two links to view more information on both products.

Both will adhere to smooth surfaces like a Formica table and stay where they are placed .  Their design includes a curled rim so that food pushed into this rim naturally falls back onto the utensil without the need to use a knife (or finger).

For persons who have better muscle control or could hold a plate if needed, but still have trouble getting food on to a utensil, try the Inner Lip Plate that looks much more like a standard plate but includes a curled back inner rim to help food on to the fork or spoon.  This specialized plate does not have an anti-slip base.

If you have questions about other adaptive products or need ideas for adaptive products to help you or a loved one, don’t hesitate to respond with comments, or call 877.538.6568, we’re here to help.


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