Child Safety in the Bathroom

Children and adults can share

Children and adults can share

Grandchildren visiting?  Are you offering daycare or babysitting services in your home?  Any time small children are in your home, there’s probably going to be a need to use a common bathroom and chances are you have a separate child toilet seat that is installed each time a child is toileting.  Sometimes it’s difficult to respond quickly to a child’s “emergency”, fumbling to get the seat ready.  After use,  that seat has to be stored somewhere in the bathroom without becoming a tripping hazard.  For those bathrooms with a standard toilet, not an elongated bowl model, there’s a clever product that adds (or combines) a child size toilet seat into a standard white seat with lid.   This seat and lid (and child size seat) completely replaces the existing seat and lid and is used and cleaned just like any other seat and lid.  The child seat hinges up into the lid and out of the way of the regular seat when not in use. Children may now have a bit more independence when using the toilet, quickly learning about their own special seat and you can be assured that the smaller opening will keep them safe.  An added sanitary benefit is that children are eliminating into the actual toilet and not a separate container requiring transfer and separate cleaning.   To see additional information about the Family Toilet Seat, try this link

This post was added to this blog to give you an idea of the variety of “subjects” and products that might aid a senior, less abled person or caregiver.  If there are topics that you’d like us to research, write about and suggest products for, give us a call 877.538.6568 and we’ll help if we can.


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