Tenura, New Gripping Material for Everyday Tasks

Sliding plates or cups can be a challenge for people with hand motion control limitations or injury.  One solution is to select dinner or drinkware that has some manner of  an anti slip base.   A more elegant solution is to try one of the many new Tenura  non slip mats under your existing dinner or drinkware.  This is a new product from Maddak, an American manufacturer of Aids for Independence and avaiable from CareGiversCloset, a Maddak distributor.

Place a mat on a table or tray and neither the mat nor the items placed on it will slide away if accidentally bumped or pushed.  A tray on a walker or wheelchair can now safely be used to carry light dinner ware with far less chance of a mishap.

Tenura is a soft silicone mat with natural anti-slip properties.   It is non-toxic for safe use anywhere in the home, is heat resistant to 482F and wipes clean .    Unlike other non slip mats, Tenura  does not contain phthalate plasticizers which are banned or restricted in Europe and parts of the USA.   Tenura non slip mats are new in the United States but have been popular in the United Kingdom for many years. Mats are available in a variety of shapes, sizes and bright colors.    You’ll find that a colorful mat on a counter or dresser creates an obvious visual reminder of the location where frequently used items such as keys & cell phone can be “stored”.

Click to view the Tenura Jar / Bottle OpenerThere’s  special Tenura jar and bottle openers that dramatically increase your grip on a lid and container.   We’ve found that a jar can even be opened with just one hand….place the jar on any Tenura Mat or Coaster and press down and turn the lid with the cone shaped Tenura Opener…..we even discovered that that it isn’t necessary to grip the Tenura Opener; just press down firmly with the palm and rotate.

Click to see Tenura Strip that adds grip

A Tenura Strip adds a comfort grip to many items and tools.  Wrap a length of Tenura non slip strip around the handle of a pan to add extra grip  and a heat shield to frequently used cookware.  Add a  strip to knife or spatula handles to improve your grip and comfort.   A wrapped hammer or screwdriver handle is more comfortable in the hand and easier to control.


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