Kitchen Safety for Seniors, Helpful Kitchen Aids

For many, cooking is almost therapeutic; mentally reviewing the steps and anticipating the final result, preparing any ingredients, and then actually cooking and assembling the dish.  Cooking for yourself and others helps bring people together while demonstrating independence and safety awareness.  Unfortunately persons with a disability or weakness from illness or injury can be somewhat frustrated when cooking and not enjoy this everyday activity.

 Efficient kitchen layout and adequate work space make a really big positive difference when cooking by increasing safety and reducing the amount of travel between the primary kitchen zones; refrigerator, stove, sink and preparation surface.  Ideally a triangle is framed by the appliances and sink with a counter surface (perhaps with cutting board) near the sink and stove.

 Aside from quality cookware with even heat  distribution and cool touch handles, knives that hold a fine, sharp edge and kitchen utensils with easy to grasp, heat resistant handles, there’s a few simple and inexpensive items that can make many tasks easier and safer.

 Burns are a common and avoidable kitchen injury that frequently occur because of haste.  The Hot Hand™ Hand Protector and Jar Opener slips instantly over finger tips and thumb to cover the entire palm with a silicone heat resistant cover that, unlike cloth pot holders, creates a non-slip grip.  The natural gripping feature also allows it to work very well to loosen screw lids on jars and bottles. 

Hot Hand Hand Protector and Jar Opener

Hot Hand Hand Protector and Jar Opener

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After years of use, some stove knobs become difficult to turn and temperatures become difficult to control, especially for persons with arthritis.  The Turning Knob Operator can be used on virtually all dial type stove knobs to easily rotate the knob to set the desired temperature.  To use it, just press it over the knob and turn; it automatically “grasps” the raised part of the knob without slipping or scratching.   The Knob Turner also works well on many faucets.

Stove Knob Turner

Stove Knob Turner

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Keeping pots and pans in place on a burner while stirring or sautéing can be challenging if one hand is weak.  The pot and pan holder is a simple to use device that captures the handle between two posts to stop the cookware from turning and sliding.  Suction cups hold it in place without damaging the stove and allow it to be relocated as needed.  On most stoves, more than one pot and pan holder can be used at the same time. 

Stovetop Pot and Pan Holder

Stovetop Pot and Pan Holder


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 The small plug ends on the power cords on kitchen appliances such as coffee makers, food processors and toasters can be difficult to grasp and hard to push into and pull out of outlets.  By adding a Plug Puller to the most frequently used appliances, they’ll be simpler to plug in and easier to unplug, reducing the hazard of an appliance that remains plugged in and overheats. 

Power Cord Plug Gripper

Power Cord Plug Gripper

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We hope these easy to use products will give you ideas on how to help maintain or bring back the pleasure of cooking.  Bon appetit!


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