Alzheimer’s Disease Avoidance, Healthy Diet and Regular Exercise

It started with your parents, then you heard it from all the news outlets  and then your doctor…. all have been telling you to eat healthy and exercise regularly to maintain good health and a positive outlook.  It seems that there’s now another good reason to follow this advice; a study of patients  revealed that those who had elevated cholesterol levels in their 40’s had a 50% greater risk of developing Alzheimer’s Disease in their 60’s and beyond.  A great summary of this study and Alzheimer’s research to date is available in this article in a recent edition of the Los Angeles Times,,0,2419159.story

Alzheimer’s disease is generally considered by researchers to be the result of a life long progression of factors, (some of which are controllable), that eventually results in disease onset later in life.   While research is ongoing to better understand the disease, there are no cures for this condition, only treatments that attempt to prevent or delay onset.  Fortunately an effective “vaccine” to guard against the potentially damaging effect of cholesterol, one of the controllable factors, is inexpensive, immediately available without a prescription and may have many other beneficial side effects.  

“Eat well, exercise regularly, repeat”

For many, the primary change will be an increased focus on the fresh produce aisles in the grocery store or healthy menu choices at their favorite restaurants combined with more walking and moderate exercise.  There are lots of sources of free information on the Internet about healthy eating.  Check with your physician before increasing aerobic level exercises which should also be included as there appears to be a correlation between heart and brain health.

Update, August 24, 2009…….another study just released in the Journal of the American Medical Association, August 12,  adds more science to your parent’s and doctor’s advice about the benefits of eating well and exercising.  This study found that a combined Mediterranean style diet AND exercise were associated with an even greater preventative effect of reducing the chance of developing Alzheimer’s disease in seniors than either of these two activities alone.

For person living with or caring for someone with Alzheimer’s disease, there are a number of specialty products available from to help people in their every day act ivies.  For dining aids, check this listing  For ideas on products for leisure time, and

Regardless of age and history, the common sense  advice “eat well, exercise regularly, repeat” continues to apply to all of us with benefits to yourself and all those around you.


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