No More Shoe Laces, Easy On Shoes


Wear Ease® Shoe Fasteners

Wear Ease® Shoe Fasteners


With injury, a medical condition or age, shoe laces can become a challenge to tie and then untie.  For children, this problem has already been addressed with hook and loop strap closures that are safe and work every time.  Adults may now see some examples of this style of shoe but there aren’t many to select from and they’ll not be as comfortable as that favorite pair of laced shoes, sneakers or boots.. There is now an easy way to continue wearing your existing lace up style footwear by converting them to easy to use hook-and-loop closures using Wear Ease® Shoe Fasteners.  They are available in black, white, brown and tan so there’s a color to complement or match most shoes.   Each strap has  a D-ring on the end for gripping with the hand or manipulating with a dressing aid.   For persons with edema, they’ll appreciate being able to quickly adjust the shoe fit for comfort over the course of the day.   Wear Ease® Shoe Fasteners may also be a great temporary help during recovery from back, hand or joint injury.

If you are aware of other products that might help anyone who has trouble with shoe laces, please help by posting a comment.


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