Children’s Aids for Daily Living, Eating, Drinking, Dressing, Toileting

Wide base reduces chance of spills
Halo Cup with wide base reduces chance of spills

Pediatric persons with disabilities have similar needs as adults for daily activities including dressing, eating, toileting and leisure.   Difficulty with any of these activities may be especially acute for persons with Multiple Sclerosis, Cerebral Palsy, Down’s Syndrome. Epilepsy or Tourette Syndrome.

Fortunately many products for adults are suitable for use by smaller hands and arms that are not quite as strong.  While eating utensils  and drinking items may need to be specifically sized for children, specialty plates and bowls can be used universally and there are many to choose from, available from many sources including local medical supplies stores, pharmacies and online suppliers. 

Dressing aids including dressing sticks or button aids may only need to be cut down for a shorter reach and smaller hands.

Bathroom safety can be improved by installing lower grab bars and of course using correspondingly smaller sized and dedicated child bath and toilet seats.

This link will bring you to a web site, offering a number of these types of pediatric products.      When searching the internet for additional specific products, be sure to include the word “pediatric” in your search terms.

A search of the internet found a number of specialized books devoted to guiding caregivers helping children, the following links should lead you to a few of these books, there are certainly many more

Caregivers for children face many challenges helping a child learn, grow and develop, we hope that these sources help guide you to additional resources.


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