Alzhiemer’s Puzzles, Increasing Mental Activity

From time to time, a seemingly simple idea reminds us that there are easy cognitive activities that can be done together with persons living with Alzheimer’s disease to help them and yourself.

An internet search of recent articles about Alzheimer’s disease and treatments uncovered this site, Science Daily (2009-06-23) and a news story about a student in the UK who is working on an idea to help his grandfather and others challenge their minds while sharing time with others ….. the product is a puzzle with larger pieces and images that may evoke memories.

Student’s Design Helps Piece Together Parts Of The Alzheimer’s Puzzle

It was inspiring to see that a grandson, while identifying an activity that the family could all do with their grandfather, expanded his thinking to develop a new product that could benefit others.  The grandson took the time to research and test a variety of options and then focused on viable solutions that other patients and caregivers could use.

While these new specialty puzzles may not yet be available, this creative thinking could be a prompt to others to try something as simple as this to help someone maintain cognitive abilities and better quality of life.  If you have ideas for activities that you have found to be enjoyable and beneficial, please don’t be shy, add a comment so others will be helped.


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