Mini Reaching Aid for Smaller or Weaker Hands

Reduced size grip and loverall ength are ideal for smaller or weaker hands with limited grasp
Reduced size grip and overall length are ideal for smaller or weaker hands with limited grasp

If you know a child or someone with smaller hands, a weaker grip or limited arm strength, providing a reacher that accommodates these conditions may   give them a bit more independence.  Sometimes, due to accident, illness or declining flexibility from arthritis or paralysis , it becomes difficult to extend an arm or hand to reach for everyday items like the newspaper or products on higher shelves in the kitchen or grocery store. 

There are many reachers available but the Pediatric or Small Hand Reacher from Maddak may be the only one that is completely focused on helping this select group of people.  The pistol grip handle with large trigger are both reduced in size to fit comfortably in a smaller hand or hand with limited opening and closing range.  The total  length is only 15″ , ideal for grasping nearby things without creating a long lever arm that may be unsafe for someone with limited arm strength.  The shorter length is easier to carry, store in a basket/bag/pouch or place on the lap without creating a protruding hazard.  If you would like more information, try this link,  it should take you to a specially priced offer on this product.  While this reacher was originally designed for pediatric use, it is now just as popular with adults who needs a smaller version reacher for their unique circumstance.

If you have any questions about this product or similar reachers, don’t hesitate to contact us by posting a comment or calling , 877.538.6568


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