Sanitary Raised Toilet Seat

Raises existing seat and lid and hinges up for cleaning and use by gentlemen

Raises existing seat and lid and hinges up for cleaning and use by gentlemen

Fits between the existing seat and lid and can pivot up and out of the way

Fits between the existing seat and lid and can pivot up and out of the way

Elevated toilet seats are a really important aid for daily living as they greatly reduce the effort to sit down or stand up.   This can be a serious safety benefit as the bathroom is an area in the home where the greatest number of accidents happen.  Injuries resulting from falling while sitting or standing are common and recovery can be slow.

One troubling issue noted by many users of elevated toilet seats is the difficulty of ensuring that the elevated seat and all surfaces, particularly the underside, remain sanitary.  Cleaning between the bowl and seat is a problem because many elevated seats are semi permanently installed to the toilet and requires dis-assembly of  the seat from the bowl.  The solution seems obvious, make the elevated seat with a hinge!  And it should not look like a big elevated seat.  And the existing seat and lid should go on top of this elevated section to better maintain the bathroom decor.  And of course make it simple to install.  Now gentlemen can raise it when they need to and cleaning under it is like cleaning under the existing seat.  If this sounds like a solution for your bathroom, take a look at this link to get more information about this exact product, the   Hinged Elevated Toilet Seat Riser Before ordering one, you will need to determine if you have a standard (traditional) toilet  or elongated (newer style) toilet.  The standard bowl inside measurement from front to back will be about 11″, this measurement will be about 13″ for the newer elongated style toilets. Installing this new elevated hinged seat is straight forward, (you may need only a  large screwdriver) .  Remove the exiting seat and replace the mounting bolts with the included new longer ones.  Put the  new elevated seat between the bowl and existing seat and tighten the bolts to the nuts……..the images above and on the linked to website will help show you how good the installation looks.

I have also learned that the Toilet Safety Frame manufactured by Carex can be fitted with this hinged seat to provide handholds and an extra level of stability when sitting and standing.

Hopefully this information will be helpful, if not, please comment and we’ll make improvements.


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