Writing Aids For Seniors with Tremors, Arthritis or Reduced Muscle Control

Directly connects the finger to pen without pressure or discomfort

RinG-Pen Writing Aid directly connects the finger to pen without pressure or discomfort http://care4u-store.stores.yahoo.net/735070000.html


Steady Write rests on page to smooth hand motion

Steady Write rests on page to smooth hand motion http://care4u-store.stores.yahoo.net/735080000.html

Computers, faxes and telephones are the fastest way to communicate today but writing a letter or card is more personalized and still more appropriate for some occasions.   Sending best wishes for a new born or to someone recovering from an illness is just more thoughtful if done by hand, even if it takes a few days longer for that message to arrive.  The feel of a  letter or note from an old friend  is like receiving a small gift and worth the wait.  And despite the electronic age, voice activated telephone help and keyboards, people frequently still need to sign documents, write checks, make a to do list,  complete forms or leave notes for others or create sketch or map to help resolve a problem.

Unfortunately, the act of writing or drawing can be a difficult and uncomfortable task for many.  Imagine the frustration felt by someone with tremors or grip issues or muscle control problems when they want to write their thoughts on paper but can’t smoothly turn hand and finger motion into letters and words.  For the artistic individual, drawing may become a particularly frustrating activity.  Some specific causes of these conditions include Parkinson’s or Huntington’s Disease, Multiple Sclerosis, paralysis from stroke and even reaction to needed medications.

Depending on the writer’s problem, there are a number of products available to help position and comfortably hold a pen in a variety of modified grips or hand positions.  The company Maddak has 6 different solutions, ranging from soft foam that makes the pen much larger in diameter and softer feeling to a clip that may adapt a favorite pen to fit to the thumb or forefinger.  There’s even two products that help to address the problems of writers who have tremors.  This link will take you to the Care4U website and the Reading and Writing category  http://care4u-store.stores.yahoo.net/reading.html   You’ll find specialty writing products as well as many other aids for daily living, all designed to help seniors and their caregivers.

If there is a medical condition that you’d like to find a helpful product for, please send us a comment and we will try to make that a subject for a future article.


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