Helping Caregivers Bathe Seniors

Reduces chance of falling or lifting injury

Reduces chance of falling or lifting injury

Bathing can be a difficult activity for both the patient and the caregiver but it is a vital component to maintaining health and well being.  Unfortunately, the bathroom can be one of the more hazardous locations in a home so it is important to professionally assess this space and the need for any supplemental supports such as grab bars and access aids including ramps.

For patients that use a shower stall for bathing but have balance issues or can’t stand for the time needed to take a shower, there are a variety of shower stools available.  One of the newest is a rotating shower seat, a simple idea that hasn’t been available.  Use this link to view additional information

Anyone seated on the stool can easily reposition by themselves or with the help of a caregiver while reducing their chance of a fall or lifting injury to the caregiver.  It’s easy to adjust the stool to an optimum height, between 16 – 21″ (select a height equal to the length of the lower leg or just slightly higher) to reduce the chance of a common fall that happens when standing up from a sitting position.  The wide stance of the four legs, each with a rubber foot, provides stability that safely supports up to 300lbs and comfortably fits into most standup shower stalls.   The stool is made entirely of plastic so it is lightweight, won’t rust and cleans easily with mild bathroom cleaners.

There is a constant stream of new products available to help seniors and their caregivers.   If you learn of something that you would like more information about, please contact us and we will try to research and write about it.


1 Response to “Helping Caregivers Bathe Seniors”

  1. 1 Bill Flavell June 2, 2009 at 5:29 pm

    Great post,

    I work on two blogs that focus on senior home care. Bathing is a big issue for us as well.

    One of the biggest dangers that we see is sliding doors, they are not meant to support an adults weight and could be dangerous for the elderly.

    One of our most popular tips is to let the person being bathed choose as much as possible: the time, the shampoo, the soap and more. This will help them feel more comfortable. Check out more tips here:

    Keep up the great posts,

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