Weight Loss in Alzheimer’s Patients

High contrast tableware allows easy viewing of light color food and drink

High contrast tableware allows easy viewing of light color food and drink

A diagnosis of Alzheimer’s brings on many concerns and problems for the patient and caregiver.  Diagnosing Alzheimer’s early allows decisions to be made early regarding care, finances and legal issues.  The Alzheimer’s Association has created a list of 10 signs that could be warning signs of Alzheimer’s.  For a complete overview of each sign, follow this link to the article, http://www.alz.org/alzheimers_disease_10_signs_of_alzheimers.asp

Memory changes that disrupt life

Challenges in planning or solving problems

Difficulty completing familiar tasks at home, at work or at leisure

Confusion with time or place

Trouble understanding visual images and spatial relationships

New problems with words in speaking or writing

Misplacing things and losing the ability to retrace steps

Decreased or poor judgment

Withdrawal from work or social activities

Changes in mood and personality


Over time, Alzheimer’s patients may develop a myriad of problems that can cascade into more serious issues.

Weight loss from low caloric intake can lead to nutrition deficiency and related health concerns.  A Boston University study reveals that declining food and liquid intake can be the result of a decreased ability to see light colored foods on tableware that is typically white or a similar lighter color. 

Researchers found that a dark red or blue background caused an appreciable increase in both food and liquid intake.  Maddak, a company that manufactures a wide variety of Aids for Daily Living has developed Redware(TM)  Tableware that includes a bright red Non-Skid Scooper Dish and Inner-lip(TM) Plate.  Food such as rice or potato can now be seen as they rest on a high contrast surface.  This tableware also includes a molded in shape that helps push food onto a utensil and keeps food on dish, helping those with reduced muscle control or coordination.  To view additional information about this family of products, visit http://care4u-store.stores.yahoo.net/redwaretm-tableware-deluxe-collection2.html or the manufacturer’s site, http://service.maddak.com/catalog/745380001.asp

We hope this information has been helpful.


1 Response to “Weight Loss in Alzheimer’s Patients”

  1. 1 mizzoumar April 2, 2013 at 9:24 pm

    I have often seen weight loss with Alzheimer’s Patients. This is a good idea.

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