Preventing Bedroom Falls


Getting into and out of bed should not be a cause for concern about falling by yourself or anyone in your care. For most people, a bruise or sore spot may result from a fall and extra care will be taken the next time to prevent another fall and injury. However for some people, falling when getting into or out of bed can be a life changing event. Depending on the severity of any injury, hospitalization may be required and recovery can take months.

For many people, the risk of falling can be reduced by changing the height of the bed. A bed that is too high or too low can affect how easy it is to stand up from a sitting position. You’ll want to consult with an occupational therapist or visiting nurse to have them help determine the optimal bed height so that the motion of rising from a sitting to a standing position is as safe as possible. (You may want to also check the height of other items around your home including a favorite chair or shower bench.)

To help steady you as you get into and out of the bed, there’s a wonderful product available that can really help.  To view more information about the AbleRise Bed Assist, try this link  It can also act as a barrier to prevent you from accidentally rolling out of bed and when properly installed, does not create entrapment spaces.  The Single AbleRise Bed Assist provides one large oval handle/handhold (20″ wide) right at the side of the bed. This large, non metal handhold extends above the mattress to provide multiple grip positions and it won’t feel cold.   This bed assist slides between the mattress and box spring and can be positioned at any point along the bed. A well though out feature is the large built in storage pocket that’s ideal for holding books, newspapers (and the remote control that frequently finds it’s own hiding place). Also available is a Double AbleRise which puts an identical hand/hold on both sides of the bed, ideal for beds that are accessed from either side.

 The FDA has issued a guidance document about preventing entrapment in hospital beds.  Reviewing this document may alert you to potential hazards with beds already in your home.

Unfortunately the AbleRise Bed Assist can not be fitted to mechanical beds (hospital style beds that can be adjusted to raise the head or feet) because installation may interfere with the movement of the bed sections.

I hope this has been helpful.  If you have questions, please post a comment or  call 877.538.6568


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